Fees & Donations

About Donations

Denver Water Polo Club finds pools that are willing to host our players. Players pay the pools directly to attend practices. With the exception of Lowery Summer Practices, Denver Water Polo does not collect money for pool time.

DU Ritchie Center Fees

We are very lucky to have access to the best pool in Colorado. DU charges a one-time initiation fee of $85. Dues are $41 per month, payable to the DU Ritchie Center. The entire fee goes to pool time. You may choose to pay a $10 "drop-in" fee (when escorted by a paid member) if you prefer not to pay monthly.

Congress Park Summer Pool Fee

The summer outdoor pool at Congress Park charges per practice. It is $3.50 per practice.

Spring League 2019

The Spring League recommended donation is $35. Please feel free to contribute more.

Tournament Fees

If you attend a tournament, there will be a fee to attend, typically $50 to $100. You are responsible for your own hotel, meal, and transportation costs.


We accept donations. Club money is used to maintain caps, balls, goals, shot clocks, etc. The club sometimes will pay the entry fee to a tournament and then collect money from individual players. Also we are saving up to host a tournament in the future. We estimate that a tournament will cost five to eight thousand dollars. Please consider making a quarterly donation of $25 or more to the club.

US Water Polo

All club members are strongly encouraged to maintain a US Water Polo membership. DU does not require this to attend practices at the Ritche Center. However, you may not be able to attend tournaments or play in league games without active US Water Polo membership. Furthermore, US Water Polo contributions help promote this fantastic sport.